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Digital Marketing Event - Legal Sector - Nov 2019

MSc., Master's in Technology & Innovation management - Graduation, Wilfrid Laurier University - 2019

MSc., Final Research Paper Presentation - Wilfrid Laurier University - 2019

Conducting Service Design Workshops

Wilfrid Laurier University - Silicon Valley residency - University of Berkeley & Stanford University - 2019

Visiting the future: Silicon Valley residency expands EMTM horizons

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University of Berkeley - Prof. Sara Beckman, Faculty Director, Haas School of Business - Design & Systems Thinking

Innovation Insights - Learning from Ford, AutoDesk, Google

EMTM Residency at UC Berkeley, Stanford University’s - visiting Google, Ford’s Greenfield Labs and Autodesk.

Stanford University - D. (Design) School - Prof. Michael Barry, Principal Quotient Design Research, Associate Consulting Professor - Design Thinking - from empathy to insights

OpenIDEO Toronto Chapter - Circular Design Challenge Hackathon

Presenting group idea on Service Design

Group collaboration

Speaking Engagement - Design Thinking for Digital Workplace Solutions

Presenting user centricity

Engaging audience

Gathering feedback